Thursday, November 26, 2009

0 Corporate Brand Logo Design of Heineken Beer

Heineken Brewery (Heineken Brouwerijen) is a Dutch brewing company, founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in Amsterdam. Heineken owns and manages one of the world's leading portfolios of beer brands.

Heineken is positioned as a premium brand, except for their home market in the Netherlands. Heineken is the leading beer brand in Europe and Amstel is the third largest.

Heineken claims that it really has two corporate brand logos design- the Authenticity logo design and the Star-Heineken logo design.

Authenticity logo has been specially developed to communicate and reinforce the brand’s brewing quality, heritage and authenticity. Its primary application area is direct beer related items.

Star-Heineken logo has been specially developed to communicate and reinforce the modernity and vitality of the brand. It may be applied in communication, sponsorships, merchandise and packaging. Star-Heineken on a Heineken green background is preferred above on a white background, it reflects the character of the brand better.

The green bottle with racetrack label is the origin of the brand’s visual identity.
Heineken fans rejoice! Show your love of beer and sport your colors with this excellent quality Heineken beer glass! With its durability and iconic logo design, every beer will taste its best when enjoyed from this great looking pub glass.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

0 How a Custom Logo Design Brings The Business For You?

First, let us examine what a logo means to the business. A logo design is a graphic representation of what the business stands for. Every business has a mission statement and a vision. How do we communicate these messages to our customers? There are many different ways to do so but obviously, a logo design is a very effective way. How can a logos design communicate such strong messages?

A logo design becomes a communication medium when it is used in print. Chances are, you will want to get your logo printed on invoices, work orders, purchase orders, office stationery, and publish your logo on your communication channels such as websites, brochures, etc. Your custom design logos will be everywhere, telling everyone what you and your business stand for. People will see your logo, and depending on how well the logo is designed, they may or may not remember you. So it's the responsibility of the business owner to create an outstanding logo that will cause a long lasting impression.

What is an outstanding logo? An outstanding logo will communicate visually to the viewer two or three strong messages. For example, if you have a human resource business that focuses on hiring excellent IT managers, you may want something related to IT (like a monitor or a mouse) on your logo. But this is just a simplistic example. A professional custom logo designer will be able to guide you and serve your needs better because everyone has different needs. Your business is unique, and so should your logo. Whoever goes for a cheap looking logo that comes pre-packaged with a few thousand other logos are not going to leave a professional impression.

Image, reputation and impression are what counts. And the image of the business is often built based on how others perceive anything related to you or your business. If you have a logo with wrong colors, send the wrong messages, chances are that your potential clients will jump to the wrong conclusion and assume that you are going to something wrong for them as well. So take the time to choose a professional graphic designer to create a custom logo. There's no two way about it. Besides, it's a onetime effort. Create a professional logo one-time, and reap the benefits over and over again during the lifetime of your business.

People will look at your custom logo design and talk about your logo. Sometimes, they do so out of boredom. But for whatever reason, it's the perfect opportunity for you to tell them more about your business.

So there's no denying the fact that having a professional custom logo design will definitely have a huge impact on your business. Work on your logo as if your life depended on it. Create a logo that represents the high quality work that you're going to deliver, build more trust among your clients, and fly it high and proud.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

0 6 Benefits Of Selecting a Custom Logo Design

1. Custom logos design give you an instant market exposure and acknowledgment

All the businesses especially the small business and entrepreneurs are competing for the market recognition. Some do it better than the other ones. Some have a cool daunting logo because they opt initially for the custom logo design professional company. The best example is the NIKE swoosh sign which itself reflects its product identity.

2. Custom logo design capture the whole image and description of a business

A customized logo design is professional and guaranteed takes a small space but transmits a longer , wider and louder message in comparison to only words. The old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” fits well in this scenario.

3. Custom logo design Supply shelter of business honesty and reliability

A company that cares enough to brand itself with an inimitable identity is the one that will rise above the other business also-rans. As someone wisely said, "A logo makes a full-time impression even though you are only a part-time business owner."

4. Custom logo design Build Strength and develop trust among consumer

How trust is so important and why? Trust is the essence of your business by which the sale ratio is directly proportional. If the trust is high among the consumer then your sale will surely be high. And that role is played by a custom logo design to make and strengthen the trust.

Not everyone loves the Ford Motor Company but for those who do seeing Ford's corporate logo design affixed to their car makes them feel better.

5. Custom logo design will make your consumer remember what your business is!

Images are easy to remember than vocabulary. By having your custom made professional logo you are visible in many different marketing avenues and you are increasing the market awareness for your business.

6. Custom logo design helps to advertise and promote your business effectively

The businesses which don’t have a good custom logo design lacks in the promotion. A beautiful custom logos design can able to appear on numerous things like stationery, shirts, mugs etc. but the simple words can’t perform that task.
As you can observed the significance of a custom logo designs to your business can be massive. If you want to create a super impact then get a logo design the hire a professional custom logos design company and add value to your market.

Just think if a superman doesn’t have his embarking logo, who will be going to recognize him?