Friday, January 22, 2010

0 Graphic Design of Your Website Can Make Your Online Business Credible

Small businesses that want to look real and credible need to understand the importance of graphic design for their websites. Website of a business should be designed in a manner that it should portray the real essence of business philosophy and brand image to its target audience perfectly. Poorly designed website cannot leave much impact on the mind of a prospect, and it is a fair chance that he would switch to your competitor website instantly. Therefore the online business owner should give the priority to include an element of graphics in his/her website before taking one step ahead to his/her website design. Following features will help you identify how graphic design gifts your website credibility over your competitors:
  • If you are running a home based business; then graphics is your key to help your visitors stay at your site. It has been observed that users interact more to creative quality graphic design websites.

  • If your business is to market e-books; then cover page should contain influential graphic design embossed on it to catch customer’s eye in order to develop some potential among your customers to buy your e-books.

  • Creative graphic design not only conveys the central message of a website to its target audience, it also augments the brand identity of its online business.

  • Custom logo design of any website tells the user what the website is all about and what function it performs. But the logo can exist no longer if it does not contain a natural graphic design outlook.

  • If your website provides the services of B2B, B2C or C2C like eBay or Amazon; then graphic design of your website should hit the bull’s eye your e-commerce business to your target customer.

Finally, I would like to conclude that online businesses look nominal without an element of graphics involved in it; therefore in order to be look creative graphic design serve as a key to such businesses.

Friday, January 15, 2010

0 Things To Do Before Hiring a Custom Logo Design Company

Hiring a custom logo design company is an important matter for any business especially small businesses. Once you decide to have a perfect corporate logo design for your business, you should not go directly into hiring a logo design company that appears on the top of search engine results. You need to do some research before hiring a professional logo design company. The following guidelines will certainly help you a lot in this regard.

First set your budget. As a small business owner you may not have extended budget to spend on designing a brand identity for your business. Therefore, set a budget before moving further.

You have many choices for your logo designing. You may go to advertising agencies for your logo, but the problem you will face is the high prices for logo designing if you get the services of these agencies.

The second option is a freelance designer. You can find many cheap freelance designers to work on your logo, but the problem here is associated with the quality of logo design and credibility of a designer. It is a probability that freelance designer will leave your project in between without any notification.

The third option is an online logo design company. This is the choice of the most of the small business owners because of affordable logo design with quality of design and credibility of a company.

If you decide to hire an online logo design company, it’s better to do some research over internet to find the most reliable and most affordable company for your logo design project. Use certain keywords like custom logo design, professional logo design and so on to see the results.

At least go through 3 pages of search results and check the prices, design samples, testimonials by other customers, and portfolio of the different companies to hire the best one for your business according to your budget and business and industry.