Monday, June 28, 2010

0 Stop Thinking! Design a Logo All by Yourself

You would have seen many great professional logo design services offering their expertise to design a logo for you. Obviously, an amateur or free lance designer is a no match to such services and it is a much better option that you design your own logo rather than hiring the unprofessional. If you don’t know how to design a logo; then it is better for you to avoid thinking that you can make your own logo design for free:

Who are you? Logo is a business mark that aids your business to get promoted and acquire public recognition. You would have seen many do it yourself logo design software but they are worthless if you have no concept of designing. You should face the truth: “Designing is not meant for an amateur”. Logo designing is the job of professionals, so, let them do their job, you just have to consult them to elaborate who you are and what your business is all about.

What comes next to you? It’s time for you to get familiar with 5 principles of a logo design. Here are they:

1. Simplicity: The less you do, the more you earn! Therefore, you should keep the design elements of your logo simple to communicate effectively with your customers.

2. Memorability: You should select a unique icon to differentiate your business identity from your competitors. You should always choose an icon that can easily be recognized by your audience.

3. Timeliness: Concept of change management applies to any business industry, so, you should be highly focused towards your vision in order to design a logo that remains ineffective as the time pass by.

4. Versatility: Versatility portrays the stability of a business; therefore, if you want to depict flexibility of your business, you should design your own logo in a vector format. A vector format works very fine when it comes to scalability and grey scale.

5. Appropriateness: You must choose colors and fonts related to your business so that you design a logo that goes in accordance with your brand image.

Why to know mistakes and blunders? Do it yourself logo design will either lead you towards mistakes or blunders. You should make a clear distinction between mistakes and blunders. Mistakes are small while the blunders are big and continuously doing mistakes would always result in a blunder even famous designers have committed logo design blunders. You should learn from their mistakes to avoid yourself committing logo design mistakes or blunders.
Disadvantages of Designing Your Own Logo All By Yourself,

• If you think that instead of hiring the professional logo design service why shouldn’t you make your own logo design for free; then you are quite wrong. Although, you may design a logo for your business but it won’t be custom made.

• There are loads of do it yourself logo design software available in the market but they won’t be a big help to you. As only a professional knows the logo design process better as he has a complete knowledge about the ins and outs of a logo design.

• You may save your cost of the logo design process by designing a logo all by yourself but the outcomes won’t favor you as expert logo designers have a better understanding of the psyche of customers.

• Only professional designers have innovative concepts on how to design a logo; therefore, it is better that you give up designing a logo as you would lack creative ideas to develop a unique brand identity for your business.

• One of the most critical issues that you might face is trademark rights. Who knows, the logo you have designed resembles to a particular company and the company might sue you in case of plagiarism. Professional logo design services take full care of plagiarism issues while designing a logo for their clients.

Logo design process involves loads of complications and only the professional logo designer knows about nuts and bolts of a logo design. Therefore, it is good for you to stop thinking that you can design a logo all by yourself.