Sunday, May 29, 2011

0 Major Disadvantages Of Hiring A Freelance Logo Designer!

You are very true about the cost effective freelance logo designers but have you ever wondered why they are offering the same kind of hard work and expertise that a professional graphic design company does in such a low price?

The answer is so simple and that is, a logo designer you are hiring might be inexperienced, amateur or a FRAUD!


If he is inexperienced, he would definitely like to add a shine in his portfolio by working for clients’ free lance. That way, he will not only gain experience but trustworthiness as well. He will be able to join a professional graphic design organization as well in future but for this, he will have to start it from a very low price so as to gather attention.


He has just completed his graphic designing course, He has no experience so he want to try his hands over those small business owners who doesn’t have the experience of handling people as well. So at the end of the day, business survives. Amateur graphic designers are no way a good idea for those business owners who are much serious about their business representation, whether its in a form of a corporate identity or anything else.


The rate of online fraud has been drastically increased in the past few decades. Therefore, clients have been extra wary about their decision regarding online shopping. You can expect online frauds from freelance logo designers online as well. On the other hand a credible professional graphic design company will think twice of risking their online reputation.

Hence, the preceding three disasters can happen to you as well if you opt for a freelance graphic designer. A piece of advice is that, if you really want to hire them in spite of the above told known problems, then you should conduct an extensive research on them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

0 6 Things You Should Expect From An Online Logo Designer

What to expect from an online company logo designer?

There are many things that you should consider before going for online graphic designer. This article will pinpoint those important points that you should take care of:

1-You must expect a well designed website from them. Furthermore, it should be as informative as possible because for a visitor this is the only place from where he can get information about you.

2-You must expect them or him to be an excellent communicator. If he is not able to convince you of the creative ideas popping in his mind then there is no way he will be able to design your corporate identity.

3-You can expect an exceptional customer service out of them. Customer is always right and a good company knows that. They will make every effort to make sure that you are contended with what you have been delivered.

4-You should expect immediate response from them. If they really care about their prospective clients then they will surely give you a prompt reply.

5-You must expect a good online presence about the online logo designer so that you can check what level of credibility they enjoy. You can also check reviews to get a glimpse of how they are working in the field.

6-You must expect a powerful logo design portfolio of them. Get ideas and analyze them to predict what kind of work you can expect out of them.

Thereby, you should make criteria to select a graphic designer that is operating online. Online company logo designer can be the best, feasible and reasonable option for the business owners who want to get a perfectly drawn corporate identity in a very affordable rate.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

0 How To Influence People Through A Logo Design Website?

Look around on internet you will find millions and trillions of logo design website around out of which some looks worthy of visiting while some doesn’t. What could be the possible reason for this? The only thing which matters is a perfect presentation of a website. The poor designing of a website leads to such a mishap. Therefore, one must consider the following elements during the design process:

1-Home page:

The heart of a logo design website, it is the most crucial part of a website. Therefore, extra amount of hard work and attention is invested in this page. Home page is where the whole website begins. To put it differently, it is where a person lands when visits a website.


It is the best thing to show the best of you. For a graphic designer, it becomes utmost important to have a logo design portfolio on their website to show what they are made of.

3-Price and packaging page:

Another most crucial thing is the price and package page where you will provide different pricing for your clients. They will choose any one out of them depending on their pocket.

4-Contact address:

IT is the place from where a client will contact you. Sometimes, 24 hours online assistance is offered as well and sometimes a form is given.

5-Order form/ creative brief:

You logo design website cannot survive without a creative brief form especially if you highly depends upon online business. Creative brief should contain all the information which you will be required to design a logo.


When customers are happy with the results of your logo design firm, they often send a testimonial in which they have to say good things about the company. This is good to boost up the level of credibility.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

0 How To Make The Most Of Logo Design Firms?

What are the benefits of hiring a professional graphic design service?

What can I get by paying such a big amount of money?

Will I get a return of my investment?

You are going through the same horn of dilemma where you are not able to decide which way to go to get your unique brand mark identity with ease. You must know now what the advantages of hiring logo design companies are.
You will get:

A professional business identity:

Each and every graphic designer working in a company is a professional; therefore, you can expect a professional outcome from them as well. If you will compare a work of a professional with that of an amateur graphic designer, you will get to know the big difference.

Logo designed by an expert’s hand:

He is an expert and you know that. He got fully fledged training for this purpose and so he has developed his expertise of designing. You should therefore, sit at the comfort of your home and let them do the work for you.

Extreme customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed from them as for a professional graphic design company, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. They will do everything to serve customer with every kind of satisfaction. I think this is why many companies offers unlimited revision package as well for their valuable clients.

Therefore, you should make the most of their creativity, intelligence and expertise by hiring logo design firms. You will get a corporate identity that is unique and enthralling enough to set your business apart from the rest of the businesses. On the other hand, if you will go for the options that are unreliable like logo design softwares then you will end up nowhere.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

0 Free Logo Makers- Are They Worth It?

Is free logo maker a good idea to give a kick start to your business? If you are a start up business owner, you might find this option very attractive and feasible but have you ever wondered, where will you be in next five years? What will be your market position?

You will be either drowned and won’t be able to establish a unique business image in the crowd of so many businesses. If you keenly observe, you will find out various defects that it may bring in for your business. What will you do to a graphic designer who delivers copied material to his clients? Obviously, you would rather kill him or won’t see his face next time or won’t hire his services.

Similarly, a free logo maker will do the same kind of damage to your business. It will render you with copied versions again and again. You will be then left with nothing in hands because once you have launched your logo design officially; you cannot turn over a new leaf.

That way, it is rightly said that, prevention is better than cure. You must therefore, seek all the knowledge and guidance before you go for any option whether it’s a professional graphic design service or logo design contest or free logo makers.

Furthermore, do you want your brand mark identity to be the same as of your arch rivals? Obviously no one does but cannot guarantee that the software that you are using is not used by your competitors. Therefore, think twice before you finally opt for any final decision especially regarding your corporate identity as it is a face of your business.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

0 Drawbacks of a free logo design software

Look around to find out various logo designs that look extremely ordinary, lacking finesse and polish. How that possible? There may be many reasons for it, including both identifiable and unidentifiable. Lack of professionalism and experience is one of those. The one which I found to be totally disastrous is free logo design makers.

They are free to use, sometimes very cheap and easy. Nothing could be better than this for a busy business owner like you but have you ever wondered how anything could be for free in such competitive crowd where everybody means business.

There might be many reasons for this out of which let me tell you the two of them:

1-Unique factor:

If you create a logo design from software that is being used by millions of people in the world, how on earth would you get a unique result from it? As per the definition of unique,” A thing that stands alone in the world or that is incomparable with any other object”. Therefore, how could that be possible with software that is itself being use by so many people out there?

In contrast to that, a professional will deliver a unique brand mark identity no matter what because he is not being used by any other small business owner.

2-Lack of creative freedom:

Free logo design software is no way a human therefore; it won’t posses any creativity and won’t dig out something out of the world for you. It will depend on already stored pre fabricated templates and thus, always render you with something that is below average, ordinary and often a repeated idea.

In contrast to that, a professional will have a creative freedom to draw what he thinks is suitable and is in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
Hence, read out the preceding differences which will clearly demonstrate the drawbacks of getting a corporate identity for free.

Friday, May 6, 2011

0 Free logo Creator – Is It Really Free?

Can you get your corporate identity for free that might turn into a big brand recognition device tomorrow?

Well, a free logo creator can give you that advantage but can you digest the idea of getting it for free or they are being deceptive? Free is the word that comes with every website today, that wants to attract consumers, no matter they are serving anything for free or not.

In such an economic downturn, where nobody is even getting a job, how could someone give you anything for free especially when it is about getting a brand recognition device – A logo design!

If you don’t believe me, you can Google various free log creators online. You will be bumped into never ending flash driven websites. Download and see what this software is offering you. You might be eventually asked to pay a minimum of 39$, 49$ or even 99 $ to use the software.

Can anybody even imagine, they are paying a price to get clipart compositions which they can get for free? Get it online or from word or PowerPoint easily. That is funny, isn’t it?


Just to grab the attention and traffic, they use this word. Smart people uninstall the application at once but people who only think they are smart get trapped in it. it could make sense, if the maker renders some creativity but when it is only about low quality clipart composition, why on earth someone should pay the price. Furthermore, the long term damage it can do to your business is unprecedented.

Therefore, we can write a 100 pages book on the demerits of free logo creator online but this post should be enough to turn your minds.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

0 Logo Psd Vs Logo Bmp

What happened when you last drew your logo design image on a bitmap?

Obviously you ended up on nothing… that happens when:

1-One doesn’t know what are the basics of logo designing
2-One doesn’t know which software he/she should use to get his brand mark identity

You are new fish in this business world; therefore, you don’t want to spend your money on this little piece of graphical representation. You want to get it done on your own, at first, you thought of bitmap but all you hard work was sent down the drain. That happened because you didn’t know what are the different softwares that you can use for logo designing? Photoshop is the answer to your question.

Lets compare them both:

1-Logo psd files comes with so many features from layers to channels to millions and trillions of color schemes etc.

2-Bitmap can offer you much feature such as it is just based on simple pixel based drawings.

3-Files created on psd file extension can be converted to any file format including TIFF. PNG, BMP etc.

4-Logo bmp files can only be converted to regular file extensions like JPEG, JPG or GIF.

5-Files created on Photoshop supports every image mode from RGB to LAB to Duotone.

6-On the other hand, paint bitmap only supports RGB colors with 1, 4, 8 and 24 bits per channel that is very low for a professional graphic designer.

Thus, what I feel is that a bitmap paint software can be the best option for kids who want to participate in their school painting or drawing competition while Photoshop will do best for the graphic designers who want to play with colors, images and symbols to come up with an exclusive brand mark identity.