Monday, December 14, 2009

1 6 Traits of a High Profile Custom Logo Design Service

Hiring a custom logo design company could be a difficult task. But whenever to go for hiring a custom logo design company, check the following attributes.

1. Custom logo design service is highly cost effective.
2. They have expert and experienced logo designers.
3. They are credible.
4. They always show creativity in their designs.
5. They process customers’ orders very fast.
6. They have 24/7 customer support.

If you find these traits in any logo design company, you can trust and hand over your project to that company without any hesitation.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

0 The Secret of Producing Effective Marketing Material: 8 Steps Guide

Creating an effective marketing material for business marketing is mandatory to showcase your business identity. It is just not that you think of it, hire a designer and start working. Creating marketing material, which can influence greatly, is a step by step process. You need to first evaluate your current marketing material and find the flows in it. Then, you need to develop a strategy for marketing collateral. Finally you will need to work with a custom graphic and logo designer to implement all those changes for excellent marketing material for your business venture.

Along with marketing material strategy, you need to save money as well. And if you are a small business or start up owner, the following seven steps would definitely help you to complete the 360 degree strategy for marketing material.

Step 1: Do Homework Before Everything Else

Before spending a nickel of resources, evaluate your company’s marketing and marketing material strategy. Identify:
Who is your target market?
Who is your competitor? (Their strengths and weaknesses)
What expertise do you offer to the customer?
What is your unique selling proposition?
Does you logo design portray the real philosophy of your business?
Does your marketing material have strong and memorable look and feel?

Step 2: Evaluate your Brand

Look and feel that communicates your business to the current and existing customer and develops emotional attachment of your product and service is a brand of your business. In order to evaluate your brand, you need to check the consistency of overall design, use of logo, typeface, corporate colors and images associated with your company.

Step 3: Goal Setting

You need to figure out how you are going to produce marketing material and for what purpose. Basic purpose of marketing material could be lead generation, identity piece, promotion, direct mail, ad, magazine, newspaper, trade publication and so on. Consequently, you also need to figure out how you are going to distribute this marketing material (distribution channels). Some channels you can use are self mailer, envelope, seminars, trade show et cetera.

Step 4: Cost Budgeting

The most necessary part is to budget for designing and printing your marketing material. Price depends on the format and size, paper selection, copywriting, custom or stock photographs, quantity, printing and mailing requirements.

Step 5: Scope of Marketing

You need to be very creative and strategic in this step. Create a marketing program for the use of material that can generate leads. For instance, you can create flyers to insert into bills or you can offer special deals for frequent buyers. Many other strategies you can develop and implement to bring the maximum output of your marketing material.

Step 6: Understand Designer Expertise

Designing corporate marketing material cannot be a time pass of any amateur designer. You need to hire a professional one, who can take your job from concept to printing. An expert designer should have complete knowledge of typography, colors, design formats, paper selection and printing.

Step 7: Hire a Professional Designer

Hiring a professional yet suitable designer for your project could be difficult. But if you check portfolio, you can easily figure out designer’s capabilities. After selection of a designer you should ask how much she is going to charge, bargain at that point and agree with the mutual understanding.

Step 8: Hire a Printer 

After hiring a designer, you need to hire a printer to get your concept into tangible form. You should get the knowledge that how much the printer is cable of doing your job. You should involve the printer early in the project to avoid conflict between soft designs and final printing formats.