Wednesday, October 28, 2009

0 Logos are Changing – Discussing Changes in Respective Logo Designs Worldwide

The logo design world is experimenting on a rapid scale. This is mostly because businesses are adopting a tendency to change their company logos design every now and then. This is happening more with famous brands although less known trademarks are following suit. Let’s have a quick look at some of the slightly changed logo designs.

The Audi Logo Design

The previous Audi logo design has been slightly changed now. At first glance, it is unnoticeable but the changes are there alright. The four rings (not at all associated with the Olympic Games) are there and the name “Audi” is there too but with a slight twist in the old logo design. The rings have been given a nice three dimensional look with the font in Audi more simplified but attractive.

Changed Pepsi Logo Design

Now this is a very good idea to stir public attention whether one needs it or not. This alteration in the logo design is quite noticeable but the impact of this logo redesign is not in shape of higher sales.

Hilton Hotels Logo Design Gets New Shape and Name

Not just the company logos design but also the company name has been changed with “Hilton Worldwide” replacing” “The Hilton Family”. Interesting move.

Subtle Changes in Mozilla Fire Fox Logo Design

This is a clear example of subtle changes in company logos design. Firefox gets a slightly new makeover or should I say “haircut” and the view of land on the globe gets a different angle.

Hertz Logo Design Gets a New Look

They have done this by inverting the colors and changing the typeface plus the “r” getting a curved shape.

These minor changes in company logos design reflect the tendency of experimentation in the human mind. I guess all is self explanatory here needing thoughts rather than words but viewers’ comments would highly be appreciated.

End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

0 A Logo SHOULD NOT be a Cipher!

Logos are the main identity of a business. They carry your corporate image to convey the message of your company. Every entrepreneur wishes for the company to have a custom logo design that would serve as a popular icon. But sometimes in search of an impressive logo design, they end up with something beyond comprehension of the general public. They make their logos illegible codes or ciphers that have to be deciphered by cryptologists.

It is universally agreed that a logo design should be articulate, impressive, beautiful and meaningful. NOT unintelligible or implying adverse meanings altogether. Have a look at the following and decide for yourselves.


Logo Design # 2: This is a cube, NO, it is a house! Urrr ummm it is ??? it has no supporting text with it!

Logo Design # 3: That’s one way to tarnish the image of a great city by making a horrible logo design. Even the supporting text doesn’t make it any good! How meaningless this logo design is?!

Some logo designs are also found to portray something they were not initially intended to. Business owners should highly careful about each and every aspect when finalizing their custom logo design. A little thoughtfulness pays off when you are in the most important phase of starting a business.

Logo Design # 4: It seems the logo is depicting SOMETHING else rather than a dental job! What are these folks up to?

Logo Design # 5: What??? An angry custom logo design that shows a frowning figure. Is this for children care or children scare!! What did they have in mind while making this logo design?!!

Logo Design # 6: This must be some kind of prehistoric hieroglyphics not a logo design!

Logo Design # 7: Customised object of ridicule. MEGAFLICK OR MEGA…….?! What is wrong with people? I think this custom logo design was ordered by a competitor!

Logo Design # 8: Looks like a balloon fell on a building! Or maybe…….?! A custom logo design turned into a custom bogus design!

These logo designs were definitely worked upon hard but, the result they are getting is somewhat untoward. Instead of working the way actually desired, it came out to be the other way round.

This explains why a custom logo design should be easy to understand and relevant to the nature or name of the business. Brand owners should first know their logo design needs and then understand what the potential customer or target market would feel when they see the logo for the first time. It is not very tricky but does require some common sense.

0 4 Simple Steps to Design Exceptional Small Business Logo

Step 1

The first question you have to ask yourself is that what does your business promote? Perceptive and eloquent connection in the small business planet can facilitate you in designing an extraordinary logo because your logo is symbol which is going to stand for your business as a market identity. So owning a logo that exposes what your small business is all about can help make an impression on other small business vendors.

Step 2

The logo design must be simple and clear-cut but the proficiency of the logo designer can be significant. You would like your logo to be prominent and noticeable but not to excessive. It ought to blend well on the business card and letterheads, etc, so that it merge it self with whatever text you put with it.

Step 3

Colors are the aroma of the logo design but excessive color usage can make it worthless and sloppy, so if your logo consist only 2 colors and they are enough eye catching the don’t go for mixture of shades which delude the effect of your identity design. Try to choose synchronized color shades. Selecting a pattern of at least two can create a difference. In this way, you aren't trying to put too many colors in it which can make it harder to see therefore risking the chance of other small business owners ignoring it.

Step 4

When choosing a pattern for a logo design to identify the business or brand, some people will try to go for fancy, profligate and spendthrift patterns in their logo design to get them postered. Only problem with this is it can end up unnecessarily loud and bold therefore people would either ignore it or didn’t get the meaning what it really is portraying. Simple and clear pattern is a best choice that is but it must be striking and professional.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Finding a subtle recognition? Having a flare of professional logo designing, the one and only way to get your revolution in your hand is to get to Wolda. A biggest name in the logo design contest world where your work can be highly appreciated in a huge manner with a large price.

Wolda contest is the predecessor of the old Eulda, which is also a European logo design annual but now it’s a revolutionary form and one of the biggest contests held online to intimidate the skills of a logo design professional by a client oriented jury with indulgence of a public representatives, which holds the whole thing because the target market of business logos design is gradually goes to a customer, if a customer likes it than it’s a success.

After all that appreciating hype the main reason secondly here is to address that Wolda is costing a huge amount of money from the entering designer and the price they are competing for is “NOTHING”, I was shocked again when I have seen that the contest entitled for the students is also demanding a handsome amount to money to enter the contest, what I really feel that this is such a shame for them because students cannot generate that amount of money. The only thing they are paying off is the certificates and trophies and an entry to there annual logo design book known as “Wolda Annual”.

What I feel that whatever the reputation of their web, certificates and trophies; the paying personal entering and winning the contest must be given some incentive to make him able to enhance the skills and professionalism to get confidence and recognition in the design market.