Monday, June 28, 2010

0 Stop Thinking! Design a Logo All by Yourself

You would have seen many great professional logo design services offering their expertise to design a logo for you. Obviously, an amateur or free lance designer is a no match to such services and it is a much better option that you design your own logo rather than hiring the unprofessional. If you don’t know how to design a logo; then it is better for you to avoid thinking that you can make your own logo design for free:

Who are you? Logo is a business mark that aids your business to get promoted and acquire public recognition. You would have seen many do it yourself logo design software but they are worthless if you have no concept of designing. You should face the truth: “Designing is not meant for an amateur”. Logo designing is the job of professionals, so, let them do their job, you just have to consult them to elaborate who you are and what your business is all about.

What comes next to you? It’s time for you to get familiar with 5 principles of a logo design. Here are they:

1. Simplicity: The less you do, the more you earn! Therefore, you should keep the design elements of your logo simple to communicate effectively with your customers.

2. Memorability: You should select a unique icon to differentiate your business identity from your competitors. You should always choose an icon that can easily be recognized by your audience.

3. Timeliness: Concept of change management applies to any business industry, so, you should be highly focused towards your vision in order to design a logo that remains ineffective as the time pass by.

4. Versatility: Versatility portrays the stability of a business; therefore, if you want to depict flexibility of your business, you should design your own logo in a vector format. A vector format works very fine when it comes to scalability and grey scale.

5. Appropriateness: You must choose colors and fonts related to your business so that you design a logo that goes in accordance with your brand image.

Why to know mistakes and blunders? Do it yourself logo design will either lead you towards mistakes or blunders. You should make a clear distinction between mistakes and blunders. Mistakes are small while the blunders are big and continuously doing mistakes would always result in a blunder even famous designers have committed logo design blunders. You should learn from their mistakes to avoid yourself committing logo design mistakes or blunders.
Disadvantages of Designing Your Own Logo All By Yourself,

• If you think that instead of hiring the professional logo design service why shouldn’t you make your own logo design for free; then you are quite wrong. Although, you may design a logo for your business but it won’t be custom made.

• There are loads of do it yourself logo design software available in the market but they won’t be a big help to you. As only a professional knows the logo design process better as he has a complete knowledge about the ins and outs of a logo design.

• You may save your cost of the logo design process by designing a logo all by yourself but the outcomes won’t favor you as expert logo designers have a better understanding of the psyche of customers.

• Only professional designers have innovative concepts on how to design a logo; therefore, it is better that you give up designing a logo as you would lack creative ideas to develop a unique brand identity for your business.

• One of the most critical issues that you might face is trademark rights. Who knows, the logo you have designed resembles to a particular company and the company might sue you in case of plagiarism. Professional logo design services take full care of plagiarism issues while designing a logo for their clients.

Logo design process involves loads of complications and only the professional logo designer knows about nuts and bolts of a logo design. Therefore, it is good for you to stop thinking that you can design a logo all by yourself.

Friday, May 28, 2010

0 Design-Custom-Business-Cards-Free

The importance of business cards is vital on a huge extent. Every business owner, whether holds a huge or a miniature business firm needs a business card. A business card is in fact the first image of your company that gets in front of your potential clients. If it is impressive, it will push people to do business with you, if not impressive, it is most likely for the people to overlook you and your business products.

Usually business persons make up their mind to go for the business cards free, but what they don’t know is that free business card templates can ruin their entire business identity later on. To avoid this kind of situation you must go for a professional business card designer. A custom business card can be easily designed by a professional logo designer whether it’s an offline or online logo designer.

There’s a little search that you have to conduct before hiring a logo designer for your custom business cards design as a wrong selection of graphics designer can ruin your entire business card plan so it is important to check the portfolio pages of different logo designers before deciding who will design your business card. You must also compare the prices and packages to opt the best one for you.

Thus to get custom business cards you must go for a professional business card designer.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

0 Cartoon Network's Cartoons Logos (Part 2)

Cartoon Network (commonly abbreviated CN) is a cable television network which primarily shows animated programs, was created by Turner Broadcasting. It is the original American channel that began broadcasting on October 1, 1992 with the Bugs Bunny short Rhapsody Rabbit being its first ever aired program.

In the previous part of this article we looked at the logos of courage the cowardly dog, kids next door and foster’s home for imaginary friends. Here are some more logos of cartoons Network’s shows that I would like to share with you;

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack was created by animator “Genndy Tartakovsky” that aired on CN (Cartoon Network) from 2001 until 2004. It is remarked for its highly detailed, outline-free, masking-based animation, and also for its cinematic style and tempo. The logo of samurai jack shows the same picture of speed and rage of Japanese martial arts which is the theme of this show. There have been two logos, 1; only with text, 2; has the eyes of samurai jack. Both of them are great pieces of art.

Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory (commonly abbreviated as Dexter's Lab) was created by “Genndy Tartakovsky” and produced by CN Studios in 1996-2001. It is about a boy genius named Dexter, who has a massive secret laboratory, packed with an endless collection of his inventions. The way to enter this lab is from his book shelf. The logo of Dexter’s Lab has the element of green substances along with a lightning outline on the type fonts (as shown in the title of the cartoon as he plugs in and lights up the big letters on the equipment “Dexter’s Laboratory”). The logo is just the way it should be.

Ben 10

Ben 10 was created by Man of Action which is a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey. Ben 10 logos have “BEN” in Green color shade and “10” in black and white with a light blue outline surrounding the type fonts. Fonts are basically custom made which is the best part of Ben 10 logo. Also below the words BEN 10 there a TM sign in black.

As I see it, all of the cartoon network’s shows have great logos, and there would be fewer logos to be called poor. This is what makes cartoon network what it is as it just not only works on its programming but works on every nut and bolt related to the shows.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

0 Business Logo Designs – Don’t Devalue Them

A corporate logo design plays its part as a corner stone for any company no matter the company is huge or a miniature one. The only thing to realize is the importance of a logo design, which many businesses don’t. There is no way that a logo design can be over looked as logo design comes at the top of the branding strategy for any firm. You may look at different famous logos on internet and think how to feel about them, I can tell you, you would fell that you like most of them no matter if you have done any business with them or not. The only thing is that the logos build credibility of businesses that helps them in the long run.

If a company has a good logo design and people have started trusting it, now all this company has to do is to work on its customer support and the way they treat and serve their clients which won’t be that hard. To achieve a successful logo design you should hire a professional logo design who can work on your logo design by putting his best professional efforts that would eventually help you achieve your desired logo.

You might save few dollars by designing the logo yourself or by getting it designed by a boy next door who knows couple of things about logo designing but you should only do it if you want to destroy your corporate image. Successful logos can’t be achieved just like that; logo designing needs a higher level of expertise and experience which only professional logo designers hold because your corporate identity is something that is the face of your company and people should get a very sophisticated impression from it, therefore you should not take risks with it.

Hence, logo designs hold a very significant value in a business branding and they are worthy enough to get your attention.

Monday, May 3, 2010

0 Cartoon Network's Cartoons Logos (Part 1)

Cartoon network is one of the most favorite TV channels of kids. It’s the cartoon network that revolutionized the style of cartoons by bringing shows like kids next door, Dexter’s laboratory and Ben 10. This article will be in two parts, so in the first one, I am going to talk about the 3 Best cartoon logos of cartoon network.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a television cartoon series created and directed by John R. Dilworth, which runs on cartoon network. This cartoon revolves around a somewhat anthropomorphized dog named Courage who lives with his owners Muriel and Eustace in a farmhouse in the middle of a fictional town of nowhere. The logo of courage has the courage written in red color and the cowardly dog written in purple, with the character of courage drawn to it in a frightened expression which shows the theme of the program clearly.

Foster’s home for imaginary friends was named the 85th best animated series by IGN, calling it very funny and endearing. Mac, Bloo, Eduardo and Frankie are the most favorite characters of this cartoon series among children. The logo of Foster’s home for imaginary friends represents the main characters of this cartoon, as the different font colors are the same colors as the characters which are in this cartoon series. In fact, the type fonts are the best part about this logo, just look at how the word “Foster’s” gives a magical feel to the logo! This is just according to the story of this cartoon.

Codename: Kids Next Door, AKA Kids Next Door debuted on Cartoon Network on December 6, 2002. The Series is based upon 5 characters; Nigel Uno, Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr, Kuki Sanban, Wallabee "Wally" Beetles and Abigail Lincoln. KND logo has some great features. All of the five cartoon characters standing in their own styles with a huge “KND” written on the front along with “Codename: Kids next door” words. KND Logo has 4 colors; Yellow, white, black and red. This color combination is considered one of the best in logo graphic designing. Over all, the KND logo is commendable.

In the next part of this article I will take you to the tour of Tom and Jerry logo, Samurai Jack logo, Ben 10 Logo and more, so stay tuned.

To be continued…

Sunday, April 25, 2010

0 3 ways Towards A High Profile Business Logo Design

Business logo designing is just like any other type of important design work. To create a professional looking logo design you will need to pay attention to every minor detail of a logo as even a great idea can be ruined by overlooking simple things related to a logo design. Following tips will help you to get a high profile business logo design:

1. Working with vector graphics:
This probably sounds apparent to most logo designers out there, but it is not to everybody. Therefore, I would like to mention that in order to get such a logo design that can be edited later on for any purpose without effecting its quality, you must get your logo in vector format as vector is a format that will allow you more editable options.

2. Never use more than 2 fonts in your business logo design:
For the reason that there are many nice fonts available out there and we have all the authority to pick up the best one, we shall select two of the nicest fonts and use them in the logo. Usage of too many fonts will make the logo look unprofessional.

3. Make it simple for the viewers:
If people can’t understand your business logo design, it is useless to have one. Many designers make the mistake of text distortion which eventually comes out as an unreadable logo text and makes the entire logo look awful. You may avoid complicated fonts as well as perplexed designs.

Thus, if you take care of your logo by keeping the above mentioned pointers in mind you would easily come up with a nice business logo design.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

0 Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Article title: Top 10 banking and financial company logos – trustworthy to be believed

Publishing date: April 17th, 2010

The primary concern of any financial company is to make people believe in it and invest their money in it. The basic reason for people to not invest their money in a financial institution is the fear of their capital security. This is why banks and financial institutions work harder to depict positive messages through their advertisement campaigns. The things that make people trust these companies are reliability, honesty and truthfulness. If a banking company fulfills these requirements, people feel more secure in investing their money in them.

The article “Top 10 banking and financial company logos” put a spotlight on the most reliable financial company logos as well as on their backgrounds. The article tells about the ideas behind these company’s logos and the reasons why and how their logos helped them to achieve a positive image in the market. You may click here to read this article.

Monday, April 19, 2010

1 Things You Need To Know About Brochure Designing

A brochure design is used as an introductory mailer. It is utilitarian when it comes to present and introduce the company to the masses. A brochure design is something that plays a very important role in representing the corporate image of an organization to the targeted customers. A pamphlet is arranged and distributed by the businesses to promote their products and services and thus it is an introductory tool that is used to effectively convey the message to the audiences to gain maximum exposure.

A brochure design gives complete info about the company. A business owner can create an everlasting impression on the mind of the customers by creating a brochure design with fascinated content and layout. In other words, the content that you prefer to come up with should be fresh and unique. E.g., a travel agency brochure shall contain a mind-gripping theme which can stimulate the curiosity of a reader to explore more exotic places through that particular travel agency.

In a brochure design, you may highlight the benefits of using your company’s services or products. You can clarify the unique features of your company to distinguish it from the rest of the similar product manufacturers. This will help you to get connected with the customers in a better way.

A brochure designer may use attractive graphics or images to emphatically present the content to the clients. These artworks should be meaningful to convey the meaning of the content. The paper and the printing ink should be of high quality too as paper holds a great worth in a brochure design.

Hence, these are the vital factors that will help you to create a positive and long-lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

0 Review: Peace foundation logo design process in 10 steps

Title: Peace foundation logo design process in 10 steps

Publishing date:
April 13th, 2010

As a designer the most frequent question that I encounter is “how do you design a logo?” I can’t just tell someone how I design a logo as logo designing process is not a piece of cake and takes a lot of efforts and techniques which can’t be explained just like that. So, I decided to write an article in which I made my mind to explain the logo design process from start to finish. For this, I picked the peace foundation logo that was the most appropriate and easiest one to explain how a logo is made. I made this logo for my logo design company and I revised it for you which you can see getting created in a step by step manner in the article “peace foundation logo design process in 10 steps”. I am sure you want to see the step by step logo design process through detailed illustrations, so here’s the link for this article.

Monday, April 12, 2010

0 BUSINESS LOGO: An Emotional Connection Between You And Your Customers

In today’s time when there are so many products and services out there, it is really difficult for small business owners to differentiate themselves from their larger opponents. Therefore every business wants to gain a competitive edge against the larger businesses.

The preliminary way to compete against the business rivals is “Branding”, and one of the major parts of a branding strategy is a logo. A logo design is an asset that differentiates a business from the rest and let the company work individually. Therefore it’s imperative to take couple of things into account before getting a business logo designed.

Tapping Emotions

The most successful way of branding is to connect with customer’s emotions. No matter how similar your product or service is to your competitors, you can make people buy your product by reaching to their emotional level. Making a business logo that people can easily understand will also help them to remember your brand for a long term and this automatically attach them to your brand emotionally.

Connecting to Customers

Let’s say, you own a store that sells fruits, and then a new supermarket opens up nearby that offers exotic fruits from all over the world at discounted prices. Normally when a new store opens in an area, people rush towards it, but what if your customers don’t go near that store? Yes this can happen, and can only happen if you give your customers a higher level of attention and respect, which makes an emotional connection between you and your customers.

Creating Character

Great branding reveals the true persona of a business to the masses. A business logo is just as important as your product and service is. A business logo is the reason why a customer feels to do business with a company whether it’s a small business or a multi billionaire enterprise, whoever has a nice logo will win the game.

Therefore, it’s important for your business to possess a logo that can easily connect with people’s emotions so you can win their trust and consideration.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1 File Formats for Logo Design and Marketing Related Material

Article title: File Formats for Logo Design and Marketing Related Material

Publication Date: December 7th, 2009

A successful business requires having some added items along with a professional logo design for the marketing and publicity purpose. These items are provided mutually with a business logo design or separately by commercial logo designing services. In this article you will get all the information you always needed to know about the file types which are used in Stationary, Website, Web Banner, and Brochures These files include; .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PSD, .TIF, .PDF, .EPS and .AI and so on.

Hence, this article is a must read for every graphic design fan. Here’s the link for it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

0 Enahance Your Corporate Identity With Logo Design Brochure Design And Stationary

The persona of a corporate is incomplete without a nice logo and business stationery. If a business wants to touch the peaks of success in the international market by working on its definitive plans, a business must attain a logo that is in accordance with the business theme and its strategies.

A corporate identity is based on three elements;

1. Corporate designs ( logo design brochure design, flyers, business cards, and stationary)

2. Corporate communication ( public relations, commercials)

3. Corporate behavior ( Ethics and norms of internal and external values)

Brand identity is the complete package of a business to its clients, which includes the business’s service reputation, product quality, features and benefits, performance and value. It is the abridgment of all these things, which create a brand identity. Your business logo is the image that gives the first impression of your business to the clients. This is why prior to starting a business, huge stress is given to the logo design brochures and stationeries.

Designing process of a logo design brochure is one of the initial actions executed when a company goes for the establishment of their brand image. A well-designed logo has to be reliable, proper and unique so it can leave a positive impression in the minds of the audience.

Therefore it is important to hire a logo designer who can design your logo according to the name of your company, products or the services, that’s how your logo will become beneficial for your business.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

0 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Article title: 6 online reputation management tools

Publishing date: March 30th, 2010

People talk about businesses every day, negatively or positively and there can be any reasons for that. Whichever way people think, you must keep a track on their opinions. For this purpose, businesses use online reputation management (ORM) tools. However, online reputation management (ORM) needs to be more developed as there are number of monitoring tools coming in to sight every day.

The article; “6 online reputation management tools” puts a spotlight on 6 of the most useful online reputation management (ORM) tools of the current time which includes; Trackur, Google alert, Monitor this, Social media fire hose, social mention and twitter clients. Following article covers the use of these ORM tools and their benefits in online marketing. If you are a business owner this article becomes a must read for you. You may read this article by clicking here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

0 Review: Top 10 Boutique Logo

Article title: Top 10 Boutique Logo

Publication Date: March 24th, 2010

Each and every one of us has a unique face which allows us to remember and identify each other easily; same is the case with boutique businesses. All the boutique businesses need to possess a unique and creative look that can help them to be recognized easily to the people all over the globe. For this purpose, boutiques make different plans and strategies which can lead them to the ultimate heights of the fame and success.

If you own a boutique or just planning to enter into the fashion business; you must acquire a logo design for your boutique. Without a logo you won’t get the professional identity which you highly need to represent your boutique business to your customers in an effective way. In the following article, you will learn about the history and current statuses of the best boutique logos from all over the world including; Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna and more. Click here to read now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

0 Don't Let The Logo Design Price Bother You Because Good Logo Design Price Will Give You A Great Logo!

The era of globalization has brought enormous changes in various businesses. Marketers not only plan at producing Client-oriented high-quality products and services, but they also work on several branding strategies real carefully so that they can advance their businesses. Building up a unique and attractive corporate logo is one of the elusive ways of branding a company.

A corporate logo is a trademark that holds the identity of a business. It is not just a graphic symbol which represents a company, but it’s a face of an entire establishment. This is why Companies use business logos to symbolize their brand image. There are many logo design services available that can help you get an attractive logo design for your company. However you should understand that the logo design price doesn’t matter when a high-level logo is required, everything that matters is that you get an effective logo.

Without being worried about the logo design price, you should keep certain pointers in your mind that will help you to select a fine professional logo design service. Here are those pointers:

• Search is the primary key to check on the credibility and reliability of a logo design company. You must find out whether the company in question has obtained legal recognition or not, and what’s its certification in the market.

• You shall also probe the logo designer about the current events to find out how much updated he is with the current logo trends. For this, you can check out the online profile of that designer to make sure he is eligible to handle your project.

• The logo designer should also be able to offer a wide variety of unique and latest design concepts and samples, this way you can learn about his expertise regarding the different software technologies.

Thus, if you make a genuine effort to search for the professional logo designers, you will definitely be able to get a service that will give you a logo just according to your requirement, but again; don’t let the logo design price stop your way.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

0 Review: Overpricing In The Logo Design Industry

As logo designing is a highly significant and creativity based professional field, it is apparent that an expert logo designer will charge you a high price to design your logo. However it’s not true that “every” skilful logo designer charges un-payable costs, the only problem is to find such logo designer who is good with his art form nonetheless charge reasonable price which can be affordable for every small business owner. All you need to do is to look around, you will find one for sure.

In the article; “Overpricing in the logo design Industry – Affordable Logo Design is a Must for Small Business” the process of how to hire such professional business logo designer who can design you a nice logo in a cost-effective price is soundly explained. Click here to read this edifying article.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

0 Brands and their business logo designs

A logo design is the top most important part of a business, but not everyone understands that. A business logo design is your first opportunity to make a good impression on the clients. It has been noticed that clients see the business logo of a particular company several times before they make a decision to meet that company’s representative or doing any business with them. Consequently, if you are a business owner and really want to grow your business you should consider a logo design the most important asset of your business.

A business logo is the first thing your potential clients or customers notice when they are thinking about doing business with you. Whether it is your letterhead, business card or even your envelopes, your business logo designs will communicate on your behalf that your company is skilled, qualified and trustworthy.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should go for business logo designs:

1. A business logo gives your brand unique features when using the symbols and elements that relate to your company’s name or products, your company will attain credibility that is a dream of every businessperson.

2. It conveys the attitude of the products or services by communicating in a way that is compatible with your brand strategy. It is a steady-going way to help people recognize your brand and relate to it.

3. And last of all, business logo designs are created by keeping the target market in mind which helps you to work for a niche category in an effective way. For instance, a weaponry logo design for the national army is created only for the soldiers. Therefore a logo design can be created to invoke the interest of the national army who frequently need different weapons to protect and defend against the foes.

Therefore; business logo designs hold the entire persona of a company and if you don’t have a business logo, you should attain one ASAP.

Monday, March 1, 2010

1 Cost Effective Business Logo Designs – The Choice of Smart People

Business logo design represents ownership of the business. On the one hand, a business logo design portrays good image of the corporate while on the other hand, it acts as a brand ambassador for a company. Although, any company can commenced its operations without having a business logo design but it won’t turn out to be successful since it wouldn’t have the tool that depicts the good image of corporate. That’s why companies are highly concerned about the credibility of their work and hire professionals to design them a unique emblem that would differentiate them from their competitors.

Indisputably, money has a value; therefore, it’s useless to invest your money on expensive logo designs. Research has also vindicated that high-priced designs have never dominated the market; that’s why corporate prefers to have an affordable logo design since an affordable logo design not only saves money but also portray message of the corporate to its target audience in style.

The good thing about an affordable logo design is that it’s cost effective and posses 5 crucial elements that the corporate want to portray through its business logo design i.e. simplicity, impression, versatility, significance and brand identity. Therefore, it’s always better to have an affordable logo design instead of a pricey design.

There are plenty of services offering an affordable logo design but you should check out their samples first in order to make sure that your efforts don’t go in vain. Consequently, it’s better to be cautious while hiring a professional for your business logo design.

Conclusion: Last but not least, a business logo design that really triggers mind of the audience is an affordable logo design.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

0 Website Designing – Rule of Thumb

Website design is fun to create. But this fun is not for all, it needs an expert’s hand to be developed in style. Professional web designers design websites to grasp full attentions of the users. There are certain principles which they follow, they are discussed below:

How to embed graphics to a website: Web designers embed graphics to a website in order to grab user’s attention and convey the message concealed behind web design in a logical manner.

User- Oriented Design: Professional web designers have a full command over the design theory. Therefore in addition to filtering and blending, those designers make the design of the website which gives a value to the user and user can interact with the design easily.

Keep the design Simple: At several occasions, users are searching for the information rather than a design; therefore a web design must not be ambiguous so that users can get the information they are looking for.

Sitemaps and wireframes: Sitemaps and wireframes should be designed in a way that user can interpret easily how the site will work.

Effective Writing Style: Website content should be designed according to user’s preferences and keywords should be highlighted in bold. It’s not a good idea to deliver overstatements to a website.

Grids: A page without grid usability is a nightmare; therefore web designer’s uses horizontal and vertical grids to make it easier for the user to scan and read to pick something out of the website.

Negative Space: White space is a supporting element for eyes. Absence of text and graphics in a website not only make your eyes share where to go but also give rest a bit to eyes.

Typography: An ideal size for typography is 11px but it shouldn’t be less than 10px or 12px for a body text. Varying size of the typography for distinct contents can make it easier for the user to read.

Colours: Colours stand for different meanings in different culture. Likewise white symbolize ‘purity’; and green represents ‘nature’.

Conclusion: In short web design serves as a genuine tool for web designers to portray online business image in style. Good craftsmanship can stand out the weak design while a poor craftsmanship won’t give a chance for a strong design to stand out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

0 Ways to Avoid Logo Design Blunders

Logo design represents a business. Logo design attributes such as typefaces, fonts, colours or images act as messengers to convey company’s message to its potential customers. It brings awareness to potential customers about company’s business. If the logo fails to communicate about corporate brand; then it can no longer stay in the market as one shown below:

There are some common blunders which result in an ineffective logo design but there exist ways to avoid them. They are listed below:
  • Avoid Clipart logos as many clipart images are widely distributed, so one can easily recognize your ‘borrowed logo’; therefore avoid amateurs as logo design demands professionalism.
  • Don’t create meaningless logos; its better that your logo should stand for some purpose.
  • Avoid using special effects for a logo without setting the ground for it, it’s wiser to sketch your logo on a paper first and see how it stands out in black and white. Once you’re satisfied; then you should rely on PC to insert special effects which can really bring value to your logo.
  • Never use a banner logo as logo is your brand identity; it’s not just a web advertisement.
  • Text-only logo is incapable to represent business in style; you should incorporate some visual elements to position your business at a distinct place in the market.
  • Logos with complex typography or images are not wiser to use, it’s better to keep the logo as simple as possible.
  • Avoid using unnecessary inclusions such as (Inc, co or Ltd) to a logo as it may lead to a copyright issue.
  • Don’t use a multicolor logo; insert those colors in a logo which reflect your business effectively and efficiently.
  • Never adopt any logo trend to create a logo. Think to create something original to make your logo leap out.
Conclusion: Preceding blunders should be considered beforehand while creating a logo design. Therefore a logo must be design in a way to make your prospect/customer SMILE (Sensible Memorable Interesting Limited Exciting).

Friday, January 22, 2010

0 Graphic Design of Your Website Can Make Your Online Business Credible

Small businesses that want to look real and credible need to understand the importance of graphic design for their websites. Website of a business should be designed in a manner that it should portray the real essence of business philosophy and brand image to its target audience perfectly. Poorly designed website cannot leave much impact on the mind of a prospect, and it is a fair chance that he would switch to your competitor website instantly. Therefore the online business owner should give the priority to include an element of graphics in his/her website before taking one step ahead to his/her website design. Following features will help you identify how graphic design gifts your website credibility over your competitors:
  • If you are running a home based business; then graphics is your key to help your visitors stay at your site. It has been observed that users interact more to creative quality graphic design websites.

  • If your business is to market e-books; then cover page should contain influential graphic design embossed on it to catch customer’s eye in order to develop some potential among your customers to buy your e-books.

  • Creative graphic design not only conveys the central message of a website to its target audience, it also augments the brand identity of its online business.

  • Custom logo design of any website tells the user what the website is all about and what function it performs. But the logo can exist no longer if it does not contain a natural graphic design outlook.

  • If your website provides the services of B2B, B2C or C2C like eBay or Amazon; then graphic design of your website should hit the bull’s eye your e-commerce business to your target customer.

Finally, I would like to conclude that online businesses look nominal without an element of graphics involved in it; therefore in order to be look creative graphic design serve as a key to such businesses.

Friday, January 15, 2010

0 Things To Do Before Hiring a Custom Logo Design Company

Hiring a custom logo design company is an important matter for any business especially small businesses. Once you decide to have a perfect corporate logo design for your business, you should not go directly into hiring a logo design company that appears on the top of search engine results. You need to do some research before hiring a professional logo design company. The following guidelines will certainly help you a lot in this regard.

First set your budget. As a small business owner you may not have extended budget to spend on designing a brand identity for your business. Therefore, set a budget before moving further.

You have many choices for your logo designing. You may go to advertising agencies for your logo, but the problem you will face is the high prices for logo designing if you get the services of these agencies.

The second option is a freelance designer. You can find many cheap freelance designers to work on your logo, but the problem here is associated with the quality of logo design and credibility of a designer. It is a probability that freelance designer will leave your project in between without any notification.

The third option is an online logo design company. This is the choice of the most of the small business owners because of affordable logo design with quality of design and credibility of a company.

If you decide to hire an online logo design company, it’s better to do some research over internet to find the most reliable and most affordable company for your logo design project. Use certain keywords like custom logo design, professional logo design and so on to see the results.

At least go through 3 pages of search results and check the prices, design samples, testimonials by other customers, and portfolio of the different companies to hire the best one for your business according to your budget and business and industry.