Friday, April 29, 2011

0 Different File Formats And Their Usage

Would you be able to use your logo design if I deliver you it in a format which is not supported by any web browser and software? No!

This is why, it is important to gain knowledge and information about every new thing you are about to do. There are thousands of logo design file formats that are often preferred by professional graphic designers but now, they tries to opt for those that are easy to handle and user-friendly like EPS and GIF.

Logo. eps is a widely used format which stands for encapsulated post script. It is an easy to use file format that is supported by almost every software and browser. It is also preferred when one wants to convert the file into another web application. Furthermore, the level of scalability it provides is incomparable with any other file formats.

Another file format that we pointed out much earlier in this article was GIF that is the graphic interchange format. Who doesn’t know about this logo gif because there is no web browser on earth that doesn’t support it? It renders such a low resolution that no software and browser minds supporting it. Moreover, it also provides a unique compression scheme to keep the file size minimum to be easily handled by the various web applications. This file format supports only 8 bits that are limited to 256 colors or less. Therefore, such a simple usages makes it available for every kinds of software.

Hence, you will find other file formats as well that are preferred by contemporary graphic designers like TIF, PDF, PSD etc but I think, the preceding ones are the best examples. So if you are a graphic designer than you can use them to make things not only easier for yourself but for your clients as well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

0 What Should You Do In A Logo Design Gallery?

Logo design gallery is a way of exhibiting one’s best work to the world so that a business owner can easily evaluate if the company or the designer is worth hiring or not. Therefore creating a logo design gallery has become the most important thing while designing a corporate website. There are certain important components that one needs to consider while designing a portfolio especially when it is designed on a separate web page.

Following are some crucial elements of a logo design gallery web page:


Without a title, how on earth would anybody get it that he or she is visiting a web page. Therefore, a catchy but to the point title is very important for a web page.

2-Welcome message:

A welcome message would show how warm and welcoming you are for your clients especially the ones who are going through the decision process.


Tell the readers more about what they can expect in this page by providing them some information.


Background information about what your logo design samples are all about? How many types can they find here? You can be a little more immodest here as well.

5-Logo design samples:

Now its time to provide the logo design example you promised. They should be properly organized in a way that the page shouldn’t look cluttered. It will be wise to add a little description to each as well.


You must provide every ease to your clients as their every single minute is important to you. Therefore, you must provide the order details at the end of the page so that they can easily push the hire button without any difficulty of going back to price and packages page.

Hence, if you will take care of the preceding aspects then there is no way that you don’t get good returns.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

0 Three Factors That Determine Logo Design Price And Packages

You want a high quality logo design but you can’t afford it. This is what every business owner is thinking today, especially the small ones and startups because for them every penny counts. On the other hands, big companies have enough at stake to be invested in their brand mark identity.

Logo design price may vary from company to company, from low to high quality and from online to local companies. The three major influencing mechanisms are now in front of you which will be discussed in a bit detail.

1-From company to company:

Dine out in five star hotels would be much more expensive than eating in a local nearby restaurant. Similarly, getting a brand mark from a high profile Graphic Design Company would cost you much more than a company working on a low scale. Apart from this, there are companies who offer different price and packages to cater every client’s needs. They can offer you as low as 59$ to maximum 1499$. You can select anyone depending on your requirements.

2-From low to high quality logo design:

You want quality; you have to pay the price. That’s the rule of thumb! For instance; you might pay the price more if you want to use it on various marketing and advertising mediums because often, low quality designs turns blurry when resized.

3-From online to local companies:

It is difficult to run a local establishment than an online one. An office physically located has to take care of many factors including rent, bills, payrolls and fixtures. This is why; they will offer you higher logo design package as compared to an online design company. Therefore, going for an online company is much better than the rest.

Hence, based on the above analysis, you can also get an idea on how much you have to spend in your future brand mark identity.

Monday, April 18, 2011

0 Buy Logo Design from a Professional Graphic Design Service

A corporate identity is a goodwill ambassador of your business that will be always there to save the face of your company, be it good or bad time. On a serious note; a brand mark identity can only perform the given functions when it shows out and out creativity, quality and class that are only possible when you hire a professional graphic design service to buy logo design.

Now you must be thinking there are so many brand mark identities around which are not only low quality but fails to represents the business at large. That happens when one goes for a service that is unprofessional and inexperienced to deal with a corporate identity effectively. Therefore, before the final selection takes place, one must perform an in depth analyses on the services that can be considered to get your corporate identity design.

The greater the experience will be, the greater are the chances that you will get the logo you are expecting of. So, first and the foremost thing in the selection procedure is the experience of a graphic design company. Next would the professionalism they show to their clients and work. You can examine this by dealing with them and analyzing their portfolio if they have uploaded on their corporate website.

If they show professionalism in every move then it depicts their seriousness towards their work and clients. Thus, they will take you and your corporate identity seriously as well. In the end, you must search for the price and packages they are offering. Most of them offer different packages for the ease of their potential clients. So if you find a suitable package then go for it and contact them as soon as possible buy logos desig.

Hence, if you will consider the preceding advice before going for a professional graphic design service then surely you will be able to get the best corporate identity for your company.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

0 What Are Different Types Of Business Logo Designs?

If you are a graphic designer then you probably knows what are the three major types of business logo designs commonly used but in case if you are an entrepreneur, running a small business or a huge firm or a conglomerate and you want to get a brand mark identity done then this post is definitely for you.

There are many types of business logo designs being used by thousands of professional graphic designers but I selected the three top most designs which we will be discussing in this article with much details so that next time when you are confused in the selection, this article can guide you get out of this problem.
Three commonly used types of corporate identities:


This type of a logo design seeks to deliver an up to the point concept of a company to the viewers in a glance. If you are small business owner who deals with a single line of product then you can use descriptive form as the best of expression as it is narrow, specific and to the point but at the same time it looks complete and descriptive. Designing such brand mark can be difficult for a graphic designer as he has to cover all the aspects a single product in a logo.


Symbolic designs often called as abstract design concepts are mostly preferred by companies doing business on a large scale and thus have to reflect every service and product they are serving to their target audience. An ideal example of symbolic design will be of Nike’s corporate identity that has a simple swoosh in it.


Typographic design logo web also called as logo types are preferred by those companies who want to use their company’s name in their brand marks especially when the name exhibits the whole concept of a company for e.g. Ford Motor Company.

Hence, if you are confused about what type of brand mark you should go for then the above ideas will be very useful for you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

0 Small Business Logo Design – A Small But Complete Marketing Vehicle

What can you expect from a brand mark identity?

You can expect a wide range of benefits from it if you are seriously involved in creating a unique business insignia for your company. Business logo design, thus, created from a professional’s hand helps a business emerge as a unique name in the market.

You company will stand out head and shoulder above the rest with the help of unique business identity. It works better than the rest of the marketing strategies especially crafted for small businesses as they have to remind the world that they are into action. This is why; they have to work harder than already established firms. Therefore, after conducting a research work, one always find small business logos greater in number than the large firms.

A logo design thus delivers countless advantages for a small business firm which includes:

1- A brand mark identity will provide a unique business insignia for a company that will become powerful and sturdy with the passage of time.

2- It will help a business standout from the rest of the competitors and thus cuts the competition in style.

3- Attracts potential customers and lures them to buy your product or service. It provides a unique different way of silent communication.

4- As mentioned earlier, It acts as a silent communication device. Therefore, it helps in delivering the theme of a company with ease.

5- It is not only a communicator but a representative as well. A small business logo design will present your business to the world whether you are there physically or not. Thus, we can say that it is a silent business representative as well.

6- Unique business persona is built with the help of a unique brand mark identity.
Hence, you need to invest in this small piece of graphical representation if you really want to set your business apart from the rest.